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How to Generate Database EER Diagrams from SQL Scripts using MySQL Workbench

Tags: database, database diagram, eer diagram, mysql, mysql workbench, sql

MySQL Workbench makes it really easy to generate EER diagrams from SQL scripts. Follow below steps to make one for yourself.

Download and install MySQL Workbench for your system.

Open MySQL Workbench and create a new model (File -> New Model).

Then import your SQL script (File -> Import -> Reverse Engineer MySQL Create Script). Note that you should select MySQL Model tab prior to this to be able to import the SQL script.

The above operation will open a window where you should be selecting your SQL file and make sure that you checked Place imported objects on a diagram. This will automatically generate the diagram for you.

After you Execute, and complete, click Continue and then Close to finish up.

This applies to MySQL Workbench 6.3.9 on macOS Sierra 10.12.6.