MongoDB Listing Database Collections/Tables with Number of Records/Rows

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Use following script and command to quickly get the number of records/rows in the collections/tables in a database.

mongo-ls.js script:

var collections = db.getCollectionNames();
for (var i = 0; i < collections.length; ++i) {
  print(collections[i] + ' - ' + db[collections[i]].count() + ' records');

So, copy-paste this script in to text file and save as mongo-ls.js.

Finally, use the following command to query the database. Make sure you change HOSTNAME, DBNAME, USERNAME and PASSWORD with your own.

mongo --host HOSTNAME -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD DBNAME < /path/to/mongo-ls.js

The output should look like this:

MongoDB shell version v3.4.15
connecting to: mongodb://HOSTNAME:PORT/DBNAME
MongoDB server version: 3.4.15
exons - 2204650 records
genes - 57820 records
transcripts - 196520 records
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